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I Was Here: A Wreck This Journal Style Travel Book

Picture of the cover for the book I Was Here A Travel Journal For The Curious Minded.I was browsing through travel journals and the cover of this one caught my eye amongst the more traditional ones.

It has colorful drawings of a strange variety of things, like a pencil worn down to the nub, a barber’s pole, a couple of taxi signs written in different languages, and tubes of toothpaste.

The title says I Was Here: A Travel Journal For The Curious Minded.

I wondered if this was a blank Moleskine type journal that just had a strange cover or if there was something a little more to it.

A peek at some of the pages showed that it really was something more than your average travel journal, quite a bit more, and is a lot like what you’d get if you mixed a travel journal with an activity book.

For example one of the pages has a picture lineup of toothpaste tubes from around the world and underneath reads:

Page from the book I Was Here Travel Journal For The Curious Minded that shows tubes of toothpaste from around the world.“At a local convenience store, purchase a toiletry brand that you do not recognize. Start a collection of this particular item and search for more on future trips you take.

Treat them as souvenirs.”

Another page has a big blank square in the middle marked MAP, with instructions to:

“Ask people you meet along your way to draw you a map to a place they love in the neighborhood.”

So from what I can tell this is a Wreck This Journal style travel journal.

If you don’t know, a Wreck This Journal is a journal made for people who have a hard time finishing a journal or want something more to work with than a blank page. It’s definitely not a conventional journal and unlike most conventional journals people don’t seem to have any problems writing in it.

Picture of the cover for the book Wreck This Journal the original.A Wreck This Journal is a catalyst for activity, and on each page are instructions to do all sorts of unexpected and fun things like “crack the spine”, “document a boring event in detail”, or even “tear this page out – put it in your pocket – put it through the wash – and then stick it back in.”

I know a couple of people who have gotten Wreck This Journals and they gleefully follow the instructions practically from the moment they open it.

I’m guessing the I Was Here travel journal hopes to be an interactive journal along the same lines.

Judging from the pages that I saw I’m not sure if it quite lives up to the fun of a Wreck This Journal, but still no doubt for most people it would be leaps and bounds more fun than a blank journal. And plus, it would give you ideas for experiences (and travel stories) on your trip you wouldn’t have had otherwise…and give you a one-of-a-kind keepsake to take back with you.

May 3, 2013