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Adorable Dinosaur Luggage Tag

Dinosaur T-rex luggage tag that is green and blue.Aww look at the smiling T-rex on this luggage tag X).

It’s super adorable with it’s tiny eyes and loveable smile. Looks like it’s a pretty good quality luggage tag too that doesn’t skimp on the stitching.

Not sure what to make of the phrase on the strap though:

Making History!

Like…how the dinosaurs made history by going extinct lol? I might be missing something though so clue me in if you have any theories.

Regardless, this seems like a great little luggage tag, you can’t really go wrong with something so cute.

July 1, 2013
Travel Gear

Jack Kerouac ‘On The Road’ Luggage Tag By Penguin Books

Penguin Books Kerouac On The Road Luggage TagSeems like Penguin Books is looking to expand their brand beyond straight out books these days.

Not long ago I came across a nice set of postcards each done in the design of one of 100 of their popular books, and now I see that they’re doing travel gear along the same lines as well.

Like this luggage tag done in the classic Penguin Books style of orange and white with the little Penguin logo at the bottom.

The book? On The Road by Jack Kerouac. Fitting, and it gives a while different dimension to the idea of a travel story.

May 2, 2013