Travel Philosophy

Saying Yes To Adventures: Sometimes Harder Than You Think

Travel Picture Say Yes To Adventures

At first glance the idea of ‘Say Yes To Adventures’ seems like a no-brainer. After all, who wouldn’t want to have an adventure?

But if you look at all the little “no’s” that happen in life, you might see how saying “no” to adventure has crept in and become a habit.

“No, I can’t go there right now, the time is wrong.”

“No I can’t afford that plane ticket, I just can’t afford the time off.”

“No, I’ll just wait until next year, five years.”

“No, it’s too hard to travel with kids.”

“No, I’ll just wait until I retire.”

If you’re not careful, all these little “no’s” can add up to a way of life. A boring one.

November 6, 2016
Travel Philosophy

Who Can Pass These Without At Least Trying To Take A Look?

Tower Viewer Pay Binoculars Travel Story

To me, they’ve always looked like a face, a friendly face beckoning you to come over. And really, whether you’re a five year old or a grandma, who can get near one of these without putting your hands on the cold metal and pressing your face to the eye holes to take a look?

What am I talking about? I’m talking about tower viewers of course. Yes, tower viewers, which is apparently what pay binoculars are called. I’ve never met anybody who called them by their official name, it was always just “Hey look, binoculars!” whenever someone spotted one while walking by.

Monas National Monument Indonesia Travel StoryIn many ways I can connect the dots of all my major travels with an experience with a tower viewer. Whether it was fighting ocean winds in Homer, Alaska to get to one or fighting vertigo in the Sears Tower as a kid to check out the cityscape.

Or during that one incredible “vacation” to Jakarta, Indonesia when I took that claustrophobic (and let me just say quite questionable) elevator to the top of Jakarta’s most famous monument, Monas, the monument of the golden flame. When we got to the top my father, who I hadn’t seen in twenty years, immediately gave me a handful of coins so that I could look out at Jakarta through a tower viewer.

And that was no mistake. The world as seen through a tower viewer is just more interesting, and as I put the coin in at the top of Monas I was immediately able to transform this almost overwhelming mass of buildings and movement that surrounded me in the city of an astounding 9.6 million people. I zoomed in and saw people, cars, the details of buildings, open windows even, and the landscape came alive for me in detail wherever I wanted to swoop in for a look.

I was able to see a side of Jakarta that would be impossible to see any other way. And all this happened for the price of a single coin.

December 23, 2015
Travel Philosophy

At Least Once A Year

Picture that says Go at least once a year to a place you've never been before, and shows a closeup of the inside of a car during a road trip.

Well…once a year seems the absolute bare minimum to me, but I know that not everyone has the chance to do more than that.

I’d say at least shoot for more than once a year and see where it leads you :).

June 2, 2013
Travel Philosophy

Get Out There!

Picture of a dirt road that leads to blue mountains in the distance with the words Adventure Awaits written on the front.

Summer is just about here and adventure awaits, for those who are willing to go seek it out :).

And judging from the state of the road in the picture, whoever drives through there will have plenty of adventures of one kind or another lol. It’d be worth it to be in the midst of such gorgeous scenery though!

May 3, 2013