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Credit Card Cutlery Looks…Not So Good

Picture of Credit Card Cutlery fork and spoon made by Inekehans that are green and wallet sized.Picture yourself on a journey in some faraway place, it’s lunch time and you’ve decided to stop for some food.

You sit down to eat a delicious soup and salad for lunch (yum soup and salad!) but oh no, right after you pour the salad dressing on the lettuce you realize you have a huge problem: you don’t have any eating utensils…

…and for some strange reason there’s no way to get utensils anywhere.

Credit card cutlery to the rescue. Maybe.

Really this situation’s not such a bad thing, you’ve been waiting for this moment ever since you bought your very own Credit Card Cutlery.

Though it might be roughly the size of a credit card this is no ordinary piece of plastic. Snap it apart and it separates into two funky shaped pieces of plastic that can be contorted into a fork-like thing and a spoon-like thing.

Picture of the one piece Credit Card Cutlery unbroken and still in it's packaging, color is white.Theoretically at this point you contort the plastic into the right shapes and then use it to easily eat your soup and salad.

Not sure if that would really be the case if it happened in real life though. The spoon is the one that I feel the least confident about, as it’s more of a paddle or a shovel type of utensil.

Also not sure if it would actually hold a bit of soup, but maybe you could life the bowl to your mouth and use the spoon to paddle the soup in or something.

The fork I’m a little more confident about, especially if you’re using it for food that is easily pierced. A hearty salad might be a pain to eat with this fork but I’m guessing it’s doable. Overall my guess is it’s probably not super enjoyable to eat with these after the novelty wears off in roughly 30 seconds or less.

Closeup picture of black Credit Card Cutlery fork and spoon joined together.Seems more like something that a design student would get a good grade on, but not something that would be particularly practical in real use.

Maybe I’ll try this someday just for fun and see if it works out better than I think it will, but I’m guessing not.

On the upside though you could just stick it in your wallet and forget about it. If you ever find yourself in the position of needing a fork or spoon shovel with no other way to get them, then this would at least be better than nothing.

June 27, 2013

How Iceland And Greenland Ended Up With Such Messed Up Names

Picture of a Jackie Chan meme about Greenland and Iceland having names opposite to their climates.

Yes it’s true, the country called Greenland is covered in ice and snow, whereas Iceland has rolling fields of green.

But why did things end up this way?

Turns out that there’s good reasons behind the seemingly opposite names. Well, maybe ‘good’ is too strong a word…

Picture of Eric The Red of Norway an Iceland stepping on to the shore of some land.So Greenland got it’s name from a guy called Eric The Red, who was quite a shady character it seems.

Originally born in Norway, Eric The Red and his family were forced to leave when his father committed manslaughter and was banished from the country.

They all settled in Iceland but things didn’t go well there either for Eric. This time it was he and not his father who had the problem though, he got tangled up in some big disputes and ended up battling…then killing…several men.

Afterwards he was put on trial and banished from Iceland for 3 years.

So he got on a boat and spent the 3 years of banishment sailing around and exploring a pretty much unknown area that was near Iceland.

When his 3 years were up he went back to Iceland and immediately started talking up the new land he had been exploring.

Picture of the icy snow an mountains of Greenland, with a noticeable absence of green.Apparently a master of PR (or is that BS?) Eric The Red made sure to um, let’s just say exaggerate the positive qualities of this new land and not mention the downsides.

He named this new land Greenland, knowing that many folks living in a place called Iceland would be inspired by the paradise vision such a name would inspire.

His plan worked and he was able to recruit many people to follow him to the new land and establish a settlement.

Now as far as Iceland goes, there is a story that says Iceland was given such a forbidding name as a way to discourage too many people coming around, especially Vikings who would be looking for places to plunder. But apparently this is just a myth.

Picture of Floki Vilgeroarson setting out on his journey to discover Iceland.Turns out Iceland was named by a guy called Floki Vilgeroarson, who seems to be on the opposite scale of Eric The Red as far as honesty is concerned.

Like Eric The Red, Floki also originally lived in Norway. There he had heard rumors about a far off and interesting land, and so he decided to take some of his family and friends on a journey there to see what it was like.

It ended up being a journey of loss for him. Sadly, one of his daughters drowned near the Shetland Islands. And another decided that she didn’t want to go to the land in the west and ended up getting married at a stopover in the Faroe Islands.

Despite all this Floki still wanted to find his way to the rumored land. He faced a huge problem though, as he was setting off from the Faroe Islands he no longer was sure which way he should go.

Floki releasing three ravens near the Faroe Islands before he goes to Iceland.The story goes that had brought three ravens with him and decided to release them in hopes that they would show him the right way to go.

The first one flew back to the Faroe Islands. The second one…well it flew straight back into the boat and refused to go anywhere. Oops.

But luckily he had brought three ravens because the third one did something useful and flew in a northwest direction and never came back.

Floki felt that this was a good omen and that there must be land that way, and he was right.

He found a land in the midst of summer, beautiful and quite warm.

Picture of green grass an clear waters in Iceland.So imagine his surprise when after staying there for a while a bitterly cold and soul crushing winter hit. He and his little group of family and friends experienced much hardship that winter, and on top of everything all his cattle died. This was not the most fun journey he’d ever made to say the least.

While waiting for the spring to come Floki hiked up the highest mountain near where his group was camping, and there he saw a large fjord full of drift ice. It was there that he decided to name this new land ‘Iceland’.

After spring came Floki hightailed it back to Norway. Because of all the negative experiences he’d had in Iceland he told everyone back home that it was not a good place to settle. He didn’t want anyone to waste their time going to a place that was that bad.

Problem was, he had only seen a small slice of Iceland and not the greatest parts that’s for sure. Later settlers were able to find and experience the best of what Iceland has to offer.

So there you have it. Greenland, a place 3/4 of which is covered in ice, was named by a guy who wanted to trick people into thinking it was full of warmth an greenery. And Iceland was named by a guy who mistakenly thought it was full of ice an wanted to make sure nobody was fooled into thinking otherwise. Pretty interesting how that worked out, don’t you think?

June 3, 2013
Travel Gear

Behold: A Hilariously Gigantic Swiss Army Knife

Picture of the Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant with it's various tools out and displayed.If you’re traveling light on your next vacation adventure this is definitely not the Swiss Army knife to bring with you.

In fact, you probably don’t want to bring this Swiss Army Knife anywhere at all.

Maybe just keep it in a very sturdy drawer, or set it on your coffee table as a conversation piece.

Because this my friends is the mother of all Swiss Army knives.

Called the Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant, this Swiss Army knife weighs an insane 7 pounds, is 8 inches wide, and probably has more tools than you have in your toolbox.

Picture of a Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant standing up next to a boot so that you can see just how big it is.Along with the normal things you’d expect a Swiss Army knife to have, the Wenger 16999 Giant has accessories that will make you lol.

Mineral crystal magnifier, fiber optic tool holder, club face cleaner. And if you ever need a tire tread gauge the Wenger 16999 Giant has it, though I have pity for anyone who lets this monstrosity of a Swiss Army knife around their tires.

It’s interesting to imagine someone hauling this unwieldy monster of a Swiss Army knife out and trying to use it when they need a screwdriver or something… though come to think of it that would make a hilarious prank.

Er, hilarious but expensive since it sells for over $1,000. But hey then you’d have the giant paperweight you’ve always wanted :D.

I just thought of another use for the Wegner 16999 Giant, you could lug it over to the nightstand, set it on it’s side, and use it as a travel alarm clock. Oh wait…strangely…it doesn’t have an alarm clock. That’s too bad, you think they’d have found room for one somewhere between the watch case back opening tool and the compass.

Picture of the large Swiss Army knife Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp XAVT.But if you really have your heart set on a Swiss Army knife travel alarm clock then you could go for the slightly less ridiculous Victorinox SwissChamp XAVT.

It not only has an alarm clock but also an altimeter, thermometer, pruning blade, and sewing eye.

While not as ginormous as the Wengner Giant, the Victorinox SwissChamp is still quite hefty with it’s 80 tools and seems like it would be pretty darn inconvenient to use.

I must be wrong though, because they sell a leather carrying pouch for the SwissChamp so more than a few people out there have got to be traveling with it! I’d like to see that in action haha.

June 2, 2013
Travel Philosophy

Maybe I’ll Have The Money For This Hobby…Someday

Picture of an American passport with the words Become a stamp collector written next to it.

This is probably easier to do if you live in a place like Europe, but here in the U.S. it can get pretty costly to collect these kinds of stamps.

Now if I could get my passport stamped for each different state I went to, now that would be a different story :).

June 2, 2013