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Stoked On Life Travel Patch

Travel Patch With Words Stoked On Life

Saw this cool little patch while browsing travel stuff on Amazon earlier.

The words ‘Stoked On Life’ are stitched over a beach scene with orange setting sun and a massive blue wave.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a big fan of travel patches and whenever I’m out on a trip I like to pick up a patch or two representing the place I’m visiting. If I got together all my patches I could probably plot out my entire travel history.

Woman with Stoked On Life patch on black jacketBut when I’m waiting to go out on my next trip I’m more than happy to collect travel related patches to put on my stuff.

This Stoked On Life patch makes for a good travel mindset patch for me, as I’m always looking for the next big wave in life ;).

Looks like Asilda Store, the company that makes this patch, has a nice variety of travel patches available so stay tuned around here for more of these types of patches to come.

November 6, 2016
Travel Gear

Essential Travel Gear: Pepto Pills To Battle Montezuma’s Revenge

Pepto Bismol Pills Travel First AidFile this under awkward but necessary travel conversations…

Okay, we’re all friends here so let’s take a moment to talk some real deal travel stuff. Traveling to new places is awesome, but sometimes there are also …less than awesome… parts that we have to deal with.

I’m talking about what happens when you eat food that takes a wicked and sudden turn on your stomach, usually when you’re in a third-world country at the farthest possible point from a bathroom.

Yes my friends, do enough traveling and Montezuma’s Revenge will unleash a special kind of suffering on your body. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Mexico or Madagascar, just go ahead and try to enjoy the sights and pretend like nothing’s wrong, you’ll last about two minutes before you’ll feel like you’re gonna burst into flames and die if you don’t find a bathroom ASAP.

But even if you can find one, the bathroom is no place to spend your trip!

Montezuma Looking Angry To Get Revenge On TouristsSo let me give you a travel gear recommendation that most people wouldn’t even want to talk about, but will save your (travel) life, especially if you travel internationally.

The humble Pepto Pill.

Not the liquid Peptol Bismol that you get in bottles, but the chewable pills that you buy in a box. Each box has several clear, plastic sleeves with Pepto Pills in them and all you have to do is keep one of these sleeves in your pocket.

At the first sign of Montezuma’s Revenge chew two of these pills, and within minutes you’ll be A-Ok. Seriously. And like magic you’ll be able to see the sights …instead of frantically running from bathroom to bathroom.

So there you go, awkward for sure but very necessary. Don’t leave home without them!

November 6, 2016
Travel Gear

The Disappearing Backpack: Lewis N Clark Electrolight

Lewis N Clark Electrolight Collapsing BackpackI saw the Lewis N Clark Electrolight Backpack and was immediately intrigued.

So this is a lightweight backpack designed to fold up into a pouch smaller than the size of your hand. The idea is that you can keep the pouch with you in a pocket or purse and deploy it as a full backpack whenever you need it.

I think this is fantastic, because I’ve been using fold up bags as part of my travel kit for a long time now, but had never come across one that was a full backpack. The fold up bags I’ve been using came from IKEA and are similar to the RoryTory Travel Tote Bag. They are a life saver while traveling. Especially when it comes to staying in hotels with my three kids.

Lewis N Clark Multipurpose Backpack FoldedFirst off going from the parking lot all the way to the second or third floor of a hotel is usually a trek in itself after a long day of traveling, but add kids and things like groceries or other shopping items and it can become a huge pain. I pop out one or two of the fold up bags that I keep in the back of the travel van, and am usually able to carry all the things a lot easier.

Also, when doing a day of shopping I like to carry one of the folded up bags in a pocket. This way if I end up buying a lot of stuff I can carry it around much more conveniently.

Having a backpack version of the fold up bags would take things to the next level. I would love to be able to free up my hands when walking through the hotel or whatever shopping district I’m in.

Lewis N Clark Travel Packpack BikerThe Lewis N Clark Electrolight Multipurpose Backpack is made of silnylon, which they say makes it super light yet still durable. Looking through the Amazon reviews most people feel that the lightness and durability do match up with what’s promised, though some people didn’t like that the material was so light that it ended up feeling flimsy to them.

My main concern with this backpack is: will it hold enough? It seems a bit smaller than the bags that I generally use, so we’ll see how things work out in real life travel situations.

I am planning on ordering one of these to keep in my van as part of the ongoing travel kit, so I’ll do a post later on how it measures up in my experience. Personally for under $20 I feel like it can’t go too wrong. Plus, if it disappears into a pocket when I don’t need it and magically appears when I do, I’ll be happy.

November 6, 2016
Travel Gear

Adorable Dinosaur Luggage Tag

Dinosaur T-rex luggage tag that is green and blue.Aww look at the smiling T-rex on this luggage tag X).

It’s super adorable with it’s tiny eyes and loveable smile. Looks like it’s a pretty good quality luggage tag too that doesn’t skimp on the stitching.

Not sure what to make of the phrase on the strap though:

Making History!

Like…how the dinosaurs made history by going extinct lol? I might be missing something though so clue me in if you have any theories.

Regardless, this seems like a great little luggage tag, you can’t really go wrong with something so cute.

July 1, 2013
Travel Gear

Penguin Books ‘On The Road’ Travel Water Bottle

Picture of a travel water bottle done in the style of the book cover for On The Road by Jack Kerouac.Seems like I’m destined to run into all the new travel merchandise put out by Penguin Books these days, one by one.

Not that I’m complaining though!

This time it’s a cute water bottle done in the style of the classic Penguin Books cover for ‘On The Road’ by Jack Kerouac.

I like that it has an integrated carabiner clip on the lid so that you can just clip it right on to your backpack or whatever travel bag you’re using.

Another upside is that, wherever you are, if you clip this water bottle onto your backpack you’ll definitely be a magnet for all the book lovers around you in your travels :D.

July 1, 2013