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The Xoopar Pokket Travel Mouse: Looks Cool But There’s A Problem

Picture of the Xoopar Pokket Shiny XP81001 Slim Wired Optical Mouse in different colors.I’ve seen pictures of the Xoopar Pokket Mouse (mice? mouses? meece?) here and there on various Pinterest travel boards and I gotta admit they always catch my eye.

With the many beautiful hues of orange, green, blue, pink, white, black, and even red, each slim and colorful square seems like it’s even glowing a bit.

And actually if you check out the Amazon listing for the Xoompar Pokket Mouse you see that it really does glow:

“Pokket is a slim wired optical mouse with a portable concept for traveling use.

Fashion and trendy design with the brilliant led lighting effect on around the body, catch your eyes, love at first sight!”

Pretty cool for a computer mouse that’s for sure.

There’s only one problem though, that unavoidable black wire that tethers the mouse to the laptop. Sadly that’s a deal breaker for me, especially in a travel mouse.

Too bad because each Pokket travel mouse looks quite beautiful! Might work for someone else though that doesn’t care about the wired aspect of it all. What do you think, would this work for you or not so much?

June 2, 2013