The Strange World Of South Korean Fan Death

News Report Of South Korean Fan DeathImagine you are visiting with a friend in South Korea, who has kindly let you sleep on the couch in his small apartment to save money on a hotel. It’s hot out, so as you settle in for the night you turn on the fan in the room to cool things down. Suddenly, your friend becomes angry:

“Are you trying to kill me?!?” he says and stomps over to the fan, turning a little dial at its base and setting some sort of built-in timer. He leaves without saying another word.

What have you done?

Welcome to the world of South Korean Fan Death. South Korean Fan Death is a belief in Korean culture that leaving a fan on all night in a closed area can kill you in your sleep.

Answer To Question South Korean Fan DeathIt’s a superstition almost as old as the electric fan itself, but many believe that the South Korean government, ahem, fanned the flames of the superstition during the 1970’s.

During the 1970’s South Korea was going through an energy crisis and the government desperately wanted people to curb their energy use. Fans being left on all night was viewed as a massive waste of energy, so they released propaganda to the public that made people fearful of keeping their fans on all night.

South Korean Fan Death ExplainedThe idea behind the Fan Death superstition is that keeping a fan on all night might lower a person’s body temperature enough to kill them. Or somehow change all the oxygen in the room into carbon dioxide. Either way, leaving a fan on all night is viewed as playing a game of Russian Roulette …not worth it for the tiny benefit of having an artificial breeze blowing while you sleep.

As a result fans sold in South Korea have timers on them so that the fans can be set to turn off after an hour two. Even so, there are usually at least several reported cases of people dying of ‘fan death’ during the summer time each year, further perpetuating the myth.

So if you’re ever in South Korea it might be best to set that fan timer, lest your host think you’re out to kill them.

November 6, 2016

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November 6, 2016
Travel Gear

Stoked On Life Travel Patch

Travel Patch With Words Stoked On Life

Saw this cool little patch while browsing travel stuff on Amazon earlier.

The words ‘Stoked On Life’ are stitched over a beach scene with orange setting sun and a massive blue wave.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a big fan of travel patches and whenever I’m out on a trip I like to pick up a patch or two representing the place I’m visiting. If I got together all my patches I could probably plot out my entire travel history.

Woman with Stoked On Life patch on black jacketBut when I’m waiting to go out on my next trip I’m more than happy to collect travel related patches to put on my stuff.

This Stoked On Life patch makes for a good travel mindset patch for me, as I’m always looking for the next big wave in life ;).

Looks like Asilda Store, the company that makes this patch, has a nice variety of travel patches available so stay tuned around here for more of these types of patches to come.

November 6, 2016
Travel Gear

Essential Travel Gear: Pepto Pills To Battle Montezuma’s Revenge

Pepto Bismol Pills Travel First AidFile this under awkward but necessary travel conversations…

Okay, we’re all friends here so let’s take a moment to talk some real deal travel stuff. Traveling to new places is awesome, but sometimes there are also …less than awesome… parts that we have to deal with.

I’m talking about what happens when you eat food that takes a wicked and sudden turn on your stomach, usually when you’re in a third-world country at the farthest possible point from a bathroom.

Yes my friends, do enough traveling and Montezuma’s Revenge will unleash a special kind of suffering on your body. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Mexico or Madagascar, just go ahead and try to enjoy the sights and pretend like nothing’s wrong, you’ll last about two minutes before you’ll feel like you’re gonna burst into flames and die if you don’t find a bathroom ASAP.

But even if you can find one, the bathroom is no place to spend your trip!

Montezuma Looking Angry To Get Revenge On TouristsSo let me give you a travel gear recommendation that most people wouldn’t even want to talk about, but will save your (travel) life, especially if you travel internationally.

The humble Pepto Pill.

Not the liquid Peptol Bismol that you get in bottles, but the chewable pills that you buy in a box. Each box has several clear, plastic sleeves with Pepto Pills in them and all you have to do is keep one of these sleeves in your pocket.

At the first sign of Montezuma’s Revenge chew two of these pills, and within minutes you’ll be A-Ok. Seriously. And like magic you’ll be able to see the sights …instead of frantically running from bathroom to bathroom.

So there you go, awkward for sure but very necessary. Don’t leave home without them!

November 6, 2016